The Gurkha Security Guard in Jerudong Park Brunei
supplied by Everest Associate

About our Workers

Most of our workers of various categories are very young and can speak English. They are all healthy and pleasant looking. Most of them have passed School Leaving Certificate and few of them have even passed Diploma from Government recognized Institute ( Bachelors Degree ) and Master Degree. All of them are very honest, well desciplined, hard working and faithful.

Apart from this, mainly we are holding a good pool of highly trained and experienced Ex-British Gurkha Soldiers for professional security guard duties in any kinds of establishments such as banks, Embassys, VIP residents, Hotels, Airports, Supermarkets etc. They can also handle any types of modern arms and weapons if so required. Many of them have valid UK Driving Licence, well trained and have expertise of Dog Handlers, Martial Arts, VIP guarding and staff car drivers etc.

Selection Procedure

An utmost attention is therefore given to recruitment of our security personnel in accordance with clients requirements and our company policy. This includes age, physical and mental fitness and previous background. All potential employees are subject to vigorous vetting by our recruitment department with responsibility for verification, background checks and service records of each candidate.

The representative of Amedeo Development Corporation, Brunei Mr. Terry Jackson giving lecture to Ex-British Gurkhas, before their final selection.

Group interview of Hotel staffs for final selection.

Human Resources Director Ms. Lyne Bellinger of Royal Miraj - Dubai- conducting Interview in Nepal.

Available Categories

1. The following categories of Ex-British Gurkha Soldiers are available for re-employment.
  • Security Guards : For all kinds of establishment including VIP, Body Guard, Dog handling, Personal and EOD.
  • Engineering : Building / Constructions, Carpenters, Plumbers, Plant Operators, Welders, Clerks of works, Driver and Boat Operators.
  • Tele Communications : Radio Operators, Telegraph Operators, System Technicians, Electrician.
  • Transport: Drivers, Specialist Drivers, Technical Storeman, POL Operators, Vehicle Mechanics, Staff Car Drivers, they all are holding UK. valid Driving Licence.
  • Various: Cooks, Storemen, Armorurs, Medical Assistant, etc.
2. Apart from the above categories, we also supply various categories of civilian skilled, semi skilled and unskilled workers in the following trades:
  • Construction Personnel: Ranging from engineer to unskilled labors
  • Hotel/Restaurants Personnel: All categories
  • Hospitals Personnel: All categories
  • Super Markets Personnel: All categories
  • Airlines & Travels Personnel: All categories
  • Garments Personnel Personnel: All categories
  • Seamen Workers / Cruise Personnel: American & Continental Chefs, Bartender, Receptiant, Security Guards etc.

Our company has established its own full fledged security training class run by a senior manager who was also an ex-British army Gurkha officer. Training is carried out by class room lectures, role play exercise and assignment specific training.

In addition to lessons on basic guarding skills, they are taught the rudiment of First Aids, Fire Fighting, self defence. Industrial and commercial security training is also conducted to cover client's specific requirement.


Everest Associate takes serious steps in the selection of suitable candidates, verification of their records before sending them to our employers. In addition to these, our company has qualified staff to carry out documents, relevant paper works for clearance from Ministry of Labour as per Nepa Labour Law. This process ensures that we guarantee the quality manpower.


The wages vary from country to country or even from employer. However, the salary can be negotiated with the receiving countries as per their respective government regulations.

Why you should hire Nepalese Workers ?

Nepalese workers are well known for their hard work, loyalty, discipline and high sense of responsibilities. We can supply the right personnel for the right jobs. they are equally competent, very honest, peaceful and very hospitable as well as being obedient, dutiful and most loyal to their employers. Comparatively Nepalese workers are more cost effective and process an inherent quality to work even in extreme climate conditions. Therefore Nepalese workers are best bet and economically advantageous to the employers.


Currently we are holding more than 1500 candidates of elite Ex- British Gurkha Soldiers,Ex-Indian Army, Ex- Royal Nepalese Army,including Ex- Nepalese Police Forces.

Apart from the Gurkhas, we have more than 3000 Candidates of construction personnel including unskilled labour, Supermarket staff ,highly and experienced 5 star Hotel staff of all categories and so on.

Please Click to view the list of some of overseas companies we have supplied.

Gurkha Security officer with their ADC Dress in Brunei
supplied by Everest Associate.